Sovran Tuscarora Nation

The story of the STN is similar to many other Indian Nations since the Europeans first set foot in North America.

After the last Tuscarora War in 1712, Many of the Tuscarora migrated north and joined the six Nations. During the time of forced removal, some of  Tribal members fled to the swamps and woods to hide in order to remain in their homeland. STN is made up of the resilient individuals, who have maintained there Tuscarora identity and who are able to survive as Tuscarora since the early 1700’s, who maintained their cultural identity separate from the Six Nations and the Haudenosaunee.

Some Descendants of the STN are federally and State recognized in both Canada and the United States While others are recognized  under Section 19 of the Indian Reorganization Act, also known as the Howard-wheeler Act while others are unrecognized or refuse to be so recognized.

Our Community is the direct bloodline descendants of the federally recognized people.  We further organized a Ultra Sovran Canon Law trust and a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation to assist our people .

The mission of our Community is “To Restore and Unite Tuscarora People”.  In all actions of our community, we consider our past, present and future generations. We are a community who can rise above anything or issue that we may encounter. as long as we follow the principals of Kayanerekowa and bind our arrows together and become of one mind.  Accordingly, we are dedicated to improving the social, economic, spiritual, educational, and cultural condition of our people and to assist our members.