Native American Church of the Morning Star

Needs your Support

Please send us A tax Deductible charitable Donation  through Paypal l!!

The Native American Church faciliates the cultural and spiritual aspect of our community

The Church funds these charitable aspects of our community.

Housing,  food and clothing, education  and  social service function are  given as support for Native American Church community members .  Native American Church receives no funding from the colonial governments that occupy our traditional territories.   


Until such time as our Constitutional Issues are resolved with the governments of Turtle island  we are self supporting, our below poverty community members with supportive needs as required.   Donations of  soft and hard items are accepted, as well as financial assistance.

Volunteers are also welcome , where we can accommodate staffing in selected areas of our communities.  The volunteer program is currently being developed to meet local state and provincial and federal regulatory requirements for occupational health and safety.

Financial donations can be earmarked for specific  program areas.


We thank you in advance


NYA WEH / Meegwetch